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The 5 best (temporary) take-away restaurants in Antwerp

Bars and restaurants have been closed for more than a month now, and will remain so for quite a while longer. Does this mean we can’t enjoy a gastronomic meal anymore? Of course not! To whet the appetite, Trot Op! made a list of the best (temporary) take-away restaurants in Antwerp. Enjoy!


Looking at the corona numbers, everyone not dropped on their head as a kid will realise we’re going to have to keep cooking our own food in the coming months. Restaurants will not be reopening any time soon. And because one can’t eat kebab or Aldi lasagna every single day, looking for better alternatives should at least be considered. This quickly takes us back to your quality restaurant. They might be physically closed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still cook us a tasty dish of food. Roll up those sleeves and get busy I say, and that’s what they did. Lots of top restaurants are offering take-away options during the weekend. This means you don’t even have to get off your fat ass to enjoy a gastronomic dinner these days. Multiple delicious courses, delivered straight to your doorstep: we are truly living in the wildest of times.


The best (temporary) take-away restaurants in Antwerp

To lend my restaurant friends a helping hand, I decided to publish a list of my favourite temporary take-away restaurants in Antwerp. I mainly chose businesses from the somewhat higher echelons of the Antwerp foodie market, in the hope of showing you guys that take-away meals can be superb as well. If you’re looking for a broader offer, you can always go back to my earlier pieces on the best Asian, Middle-Eastern, burger, vegan, Italian, Latin-American or (why the hell not?) Dutch restaurants in Antwerp. Most of these places offer take-away as well. Click through the articles, open your wallet and make it rain. They can surely use the money right now.


1.  Le Steak ’17

It might surprise you, but I’m actually eating reasonably healthy these days. National monuments don’t just maintain themselves, you know. Once in a while though, I still crave a fat juicy steak covered in pepper sauce. When this urge becomes truly unbearable, I head off to Le Steak ’17 on ‘t Eilandje to give in to my every desire. Here you’ll find Antwerp’s tastiest cuts of meat on your plate, and with the ravishing Renee running the service, the rest of the place looks just as tasty. In chef Julien’s kitchen, only the finest dry-aged steaks are used, all grilled on a Big Green Egg BBQ. Throughout the lockdown, they do a delivery tour on Fridays and Saturdays. A whole plate of meat can be delivered to your house, completely free of charge. Start whetting that steak knife.


2.  Mico & Jon

This lovely restaurant in Kloosterstraat was sadly excluded from my article on Asian places in Antwerp this May. A grievous error indeed, and one I will now try to rectify. Mico & Jon serves so called progressive Asian food. This means they cook dishes from the memories they have of the Chinese kitchen of their childhood. With respect for traditions, but at the same time willful and avoiding cliches. Since the second lockdown, you can order a whole menu for take-away. It changes on a weekly basis and offers several options for all courses and dessert. You’ll get a little note to go with it, telling you how and when to warm up and combine everything, and after you’ve done all that it’s time to chow down. I ordered a menu last weekend, and managed to get it all set up without blowing up my kitchen – which was splendid. The pan baked pork buns especially were exquisite.


3.  Fiera

Fiera opened just this year, but was immediately considered one of Antwerp’s most beautiful restaurants. The reason for this was obviously the location in the stunningly restored Handelsbeurs – more specifically in the adjacent Schippersbeurs connected to it. The kitchen is of the same quality level as the scenery, and serves dishes with flavours from all over the world. After dinner you could – in better times – enjoy a coffee or cocktail in the lounge under the main hall pillars. Sadly, this is obviously not possible right now, but during the weekends they’re selling tasty take-out boxes instead. They contain several courses and are always based on the flavours of another world city. Corona proof traveling with your taste buds!


4.  Bien Soigné

Bien Soigné is a small but lovely restaurant close to the Oudaan police tower. On weekdays they normally serve lunch only, but on Thursday and Friday evening you could have dinner here as well – in covid-free times that is of course. The menus have fixed prices and several dishes to choose from. Owner Frederik is an enthusiastic and passionate person who clearly loves his job, and you always taste it in on his plates. Take-away is offered throughout the lockdown as well here, and you don’t even have to come to the old town to get it. On Friday there’s a second pickup point in Mortsel, and on Saturday on the left bank of the river. Click the website for the practical info.


5.  Camion

Camion was also forgotten by me – but actually by my herbivore informer – when I made my article on vegan places in Antwerp. I will now try and repent for this sin as well. This wonderful vegan restaurant can be found in Paleisstraat in between the old palace of justice and Den Bell tower. During the day you could get lunch or a coffee here, and in the evenings, you’d have dinner at a table full of sharing dishes. With a big bunch of your friends like in the good old days – Pepperidge Farm remembers. The coffee and sandwiches “camion gekapt” can still be freely ordered in the afternoon, but you’ll have to order the dinner menu in advance and eat it at home now. Most likely without any of your friends, but that also means you don’t have to share it anymore. The glass is always half full.


There, now you don’t have to cook your own food for once. If you’re looking for an even broader range of restaurants and you’ve already finished my older articles, you might want to surf to Most participants of this annual culinary event by the City of Antwerp (of which I always take the awesome pictures by the way ^^) also offer take-away options in the months to come.

For obvious reasons, this will be my last gastronomic article for a while. I’m in lockdown as well and there’s not that much left to write about. What would you actually prefer to see and read on here in the next few months? More about corona-free spots in Antwerp? More photography tips? A personal boudoir shoot of yours truly? Let me know in the comments below. Sharing your own favourite take-away place is of course also encouraged. See you soon!


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    Weer een topartikel!

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    December 3, 2020 at 9:32 am

    Hopelijk volgen heel veel lezers jouw tips en steunen ze de lokale restaurants /take – aways . Op een bepaalde tv zender scandeert men ‘ wat je zelf doet , doe je beter ‘
    dit is hier niet het geval . Deze mensen, werken zich uit de naad om een heerlijke maaltijd op de tafel te brengen , iets waar ze op een fantastische manier in slagen .
    Zij verdienen het om onze steun te krijgen . Als ze noodgedwongen definitief zouden moeten sluiten wordt het in onze stad een dooie bedoening , en zullen het home opgewarmde diepvries maaltijden worden in plaats van een gezellige avond op restaurant . Goed dat jij het onder de mensen brengt .

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      Merci merci, hopelijk trekt het wat bestellingen. 🙂

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    Spijtig dat ik niet in Antwerpen woon ziet er lekker uit!

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      Als we nu knuffelcontacten waren kont ge het bij mij opeten. 😉

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      Enfin :p

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        Ik vroeg me idd al af waar jij was gebleven. :p

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    Hi, I’m preparing a short trip to Antwerp, and your posts are very interesting – thanks. I also thoroughly enjoy your photos: congrats on your great angles!

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      Thanks so much for those nice words. Enjoy my city, and there are more posts to come! 🙂

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