About Trot Op!

“You are probably wondering why, for god’s sake, you would read yet another travel blog? Let me try to come up with some reasons. 1. Look at this picture. Take in those honest, pleading eyes. Notice that it is simply impossible to deny them anything. Read the damn blog already. 2. Because I’m not planning on writing any standard articles that could be copied straight out of a Lonely Planet. Everyone knows the Eiffel tower is in Paris and that La Rambla in Barcelona is busy. Writing a 6,000th article on any of those topics is a waste of time and won’t help anyone. 3. Because I want to talk about the other, lesser known, stranger aspects of a destination. 4. Because I want to share both adventures on different continents, as well as seemingly trivial visits to obscure Belgian towns no one ever goes to. Who knows what kind of weird, otherworldly stuff might be happening there? 5. Because I’ve been flying all over the planet for several travel magazines for almost a decade now, and the time felt right to create a place for alternative articles in my own style. Funny, different and in your face: that’s how Trot Op! should be. 

Jonathan Ramael is a travel journalist for Goodbye and VAB Magazine, and a photographer for the City of Antwerp, the University of Antwerp, the Port of Antwerp and many others. He’s also the person behind Faces of Antwerp – a local Belgian version of Humans of New York.

For collaborations or all sorts of proposals: info@jonathanramael.com.
For more photography: www.jonathanramael.com