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“You’re probably wondering why you would read yet another boring travel blog? Let me try and come up with some reasons for that. 1. Because I’m not planning on writing your standard travel pieces that could be ripped straight out of a Lonely Planet. Everyone knows the Eiffel tower is tall and that La Rambla can get busy. Writing a 6,000th identical article on any of those topics is just wasting everybody’s time. 2. Because I believe travel stories should be funny and slightly provocative. Bill Bryson and Michael Palin are huge influences. 3. Because I want to write about the hidden parts of lesser known destinations. 4. Because I won’t forget domestic travel. Everyone can at least paint a mental picture of what Bali is supposed to be like, but what can you do in let’s say Oudenaarde? Possibly some pretty wild stuff, who knows? Let’s find out together. Humorous, different and in your face: that’s how Trot Op! should be.”

Jonathan Ramael is a travel journalist working for VAB Magazine and Goodbye, and a photographer working for the City of Antwerp, the University of Antwerp, the Port of Antwerp, Zorgnet Icuro and many event agencies. Since he started Trot Op! in late 2018, he received no less than six nominations on the Belgian Travel Blog Awards. On the 2021 edition, he took home the awards for Best Citytrip and Best Culinary Travel. This made him – if the rumors are of course true – feeling quite happy about himself. 

For collaborations or all sorts of proposals: info@jonathanramael.com.
For more photography: www.jonathanramael.com or @jonathanramael on Instagram.

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