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Photography for beginners: everything about shutter speed, aperture and ISO

The first steps are always the hardest – ask a toddler, you’ll see. Photography is no exception to this rule. If you want to be good at something, you have to know the basics first. In this article we’ll give you a little jump-start by leisurely talking about shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and more importantly about how they work together to produce your images. Understand this and you’ll be taking wonderful pictures in no time. Say cheese!   Well…

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The 5 best (temporary) take-away restaurants in Antwerp

Bars and restaurants have been closed for more than a month now, and will remain so for quite a while longer. Does this mean we can’t enjoy a gastronomic meal anymore? Of course not! To whet the appetite, Trot Op! made a list of the best (temporary) take-away restaurants in Antwerp. Enjoy!   Looking at the corona numbers, everyone not dropped on their head as a kid will realise we’re going to have to keep cooking our own food in…

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Antwerp Belgium Europe Featured

Four great ways to keep yourself occupied during the second lockdown

Alas! Looks like we’re going to have to keep ourselves busy for another two months folks. The second lockdown is here, and it’s here to stay. This doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the meantime though. Which is why Trot Op! came up with four original activities to keep yourself occupied till Christmas. Enjoy and keep it safe! Well dear friends, looks like we’re back to square one. The last parties were broken up by the cops, everybody…

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Antwerp Belgium Europe Featured Wildlife

Five more places in Antwerp where you probably won’t get corona

Alas dear friends, covid-19 is raging through the country again. This means we’re going to have to stay home and ease down a bit in the next few months. To help pull you through these harsh times, Trot Op! brings you five more places in Antwerp where you can hang out without catching corona. What’s that? Did everybody suddenly stop laughing? Yes, less than three months after Antwerp became Belgium’s most popular joke – while the rest of the country…

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Antwerp Belgium Europe Featured Gastronomy

The best Dutch restaurants in Antwerp

Up for a tasty croquette bun or a peanut butter sandwich – with a room temperature Heineken to go perhaps? Well aren’t you in luck, because this month Trot Op! is taking you on a tour of the best Dutch restaurants in Antwerp! Hup Holland Hup! Yes dear friends: it is finally time. This whole summer I took you on a culinary discovery tour of Antwerp. We visited the best Asian, Italian, vegan and even Latin-American restaurants the city has…

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Featured Crash course Photography

Taking better travel photos: 10 winners for beginners

For many of us, taking travel photos is the first introduction to the wondrous world of photography. But how do you end up with a decent holiday picture without having to take extensive classes? This crash course in travel photography gives you ten simple tips for improving your pictures. And you don’t even need to get an expensive camera or have any technical knowhow at all to make them work. Ain’t that sweet?   ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God! Such…

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Belgium Europe Featured Wallonia

Camping in Viroinval: a full guide to your weekend in the Ardennes

Viroinval is a gorgeous but relatively unknown municipality in the southern part of Namur, Belgium. It’s made up of eight small towns, and it’s heaven on earth for hikers and nature lovers alike. Trot Op! went camping in a cosy gypsy caravan and came back with six surprising tips for your next weekend in the Ardennes.   My French is absolutely god-awful and I’m not a fanatic hiker either, but this will not keep me from visiting the Ardennes now…

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Belgium City trip Europe Featured

What to do in Mechelen: 9 tips for a surprising city trip

Mechelen is one of the cosiest cities in Flanders, and thus by definition a top contender for an interesting Belgian city trip. Trot Op! took off on a discovery tour, tried to look beyond just the main attractions and returned with nine travel tips for your next holiday weekend.   If you found yourself in Mechelen about thirty years ago, you were either the RSC Anderlecht manager trying to buy the whole local football team, or a commuter on his…

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Belgium Antwerp City trip Europe Featured Gastronomy

The best Latin American restaurants in Antwerp

Looking for the best Latin American restaurants in Antwerp? Up for a festive meal full of summery ingredients and a couple of cocktails to make you dream away of sunnier places? Trot Op! went looking, and came back with five amazing South American restaurants. Alas dear friends: the magnificent summer of 2020 is almost over. Before putting on our ugliest sweater to face another dreary fall, we first should look for some extra and very welcome holiday vibes – be…

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