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What to do in Diest: discover one of Belgium’s hidden treasures

Diest is a cosy but underestimated city on the border between Flemish Brabant and Limburg. It’s filled to the brim with protected heritage and the surrounding nature can be explored with a variety of activities. Trot Op! booked a city trip to go and take a look for you. Diest for me was a bit like my old high school diary. I know it must be lying around someplace, but don’t ask me where. Because let’s be honest here: who…

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The best vegan restaurants in Antwerp: part 2

Trot Op! kept it nice and clean last week, and went looking for more of the best vegan restaurants in Antwerp. Six new and exciting venues were found, all of which you can now go and check out for yourselves. Enjoy! Newsflash: for a lot of people, last year wasn’t exactly fun. More than twelve months of sitting at home can start weighing down on folks – and even more so on the scales.* Weeks and weeks of your lazy…

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Antwerp Belgium Europe Featured Gastronomy

The 7 best cocktail bars in Antwerp

Looking for something nice and tasty now that the bars are finally open again? Well today is your day my friend! Trot Op! took off on a mission to find the best cocktail bars in Antwerp, and returned with seven entries and a slight hangover. Enjoy! Holy guacamole Batman: the moment is finally here! After crying themselves into a fitful sleep for seven months, our Antwerp bar heroes are finally putting in shifts again. Time for a pub crawl of…

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Sao Tome & Principe: a tiny African paradise

Want to discover a country most people never even heard of? Book one of the few flights to Sao Tomé & Principe. This African island state is a pocket-sized dream destination, and combines pristine beaches with dense jungles and an almost Caribbean vibe. Start packing those bags. When they asked me if I wanted to make a travel report on Sao Tomé & Principe four years ago, I of course said yes without giving it a second thought, just to…

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What to do in Waterloo: tracing Napoleon’s footsteps

The Battle of Waterloo decided the fates of both Napoleon Bonaparte and Europe as a whole 200 years ago. Today, the small Walloon city still boasts lot of remnants of that famous battle. Trot Op! took a discovery tour and captured the most important stories. Walloon Brabant was once described to me as ‘barely in the top ten of most interesting Belgian provinces’. That wasn’t very nice – there are but ten – but it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be…

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Antwerp Belgium City trip Europe Featured Wildlife

The last 5 places in Antwerp where you probably won’t get corona

The last mile is the longest, but it’s still the last. Hang on for just a little while longer, and we can start the biggest party since Y2K. In preparation for that joyous moment, Trot Op! brings you five more places in Antwerp where you’ll probably won’t get corona. Enjoy! Holy macaroni! There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The lockdown is on its last legs – hopefully, because things are starting to look grim…

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The Frisian Islands: 10 tips for a wild weekend tip

A trip to the Frisian (or Wadden) Islands is one you can cater to your own taste. Up for sports and adventure? Go for it! Want to explore nature? Go nuts! In need of a quiet and relaxing weekend? Possible as well! Trot Op! helps you on your way with the ten most exciting activities to do on the Wadden Islands. Want to go on a real trip without having to sit in a cramped plane seat for hours? You’ll…

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Antwerp Belgium City trip Europe Featured Urbex

Street Art in Antwerp: Merksem, Deurne and Luchtbal

In the second part of our street art in Antwerp story, we continue our tour through the city outside the actual centre, to visit Merksem, Deurne and Luchtbal for a look at the most beautiful urban art there as well.    Yes, these truly are exhilarating times for travel journalists. The number of subjects we can still write about might be shrinking by the day, but desperation is not an option. Self-stimulation is important in times of isolation, and since…

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Crash course Featured Photography

Photography for beginners: everything about shutter speed, aperture and ISO

The first steps are always the hardest – ask a toddler, you’ll see. Photography is no exception to this rule. If you want to be good at something, you have to know the basics first. In this article we’ll give you a little jump-start by leisurely talking about shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and more importantly about how they work together to produce your images. Understand this and you’ll be taking wonderful pictures in no time. Say cheese!   Well…

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