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Schouwen-Duiveland: the 8 best tips for a trip to Zeeland

Schouwen-Duiveland is a beautiful part of Zeeland, waiting for you across the Dutch border about an hour’s drive from Antwerp. You’ll find cosy villages, wide sandy beaches, wonderful nature reserves and a whole bunch of wild animals there. Trot Op! went to have a look, taking in the best sights.  There are so many places you get to go to as a travel journalist, you don’t really have much to say about in advance. This can happen. I’m not a…

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Mons for beginners: 6 tips for a weekend in Wallonia

Two years after the Art and Culture Biennale and a month before the new edition, Trot Op! travelled to Mons again to visit the latest exhibitions and to tick off a couple of classics from the list. Good for another splendid weekend in one of Wallonia’s nicest cities. Go on and tag along. My most loyal readers (hi mom!) will probably vividly remember that two years ago, I was invited to experience the Art and Culture Biennale of the French…

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What to do in Warsaw: 10 exciting tips for a trip to the Polish capital

Warsaw went through some incredibly dark times over the past hundred years, but in the last few decades the city transformed itself into a vibrant metropolis full of surprising sights and activities. Today it’s one of Europe’s most interesting upcoming city trip destinations. Trot Op! went in for an extensive look. When David Bowie toured from Moscow to West Berlin in the mid-seventies, his train made an unexpected stop in Warsaw. Because spending two hours in station digging his coke…

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Visit all 43 museums in Antwerp: a comprehensive overview

Anyone who’s ever set foot in Antwerp will know museums like MAS or KMSKA. Great start, but no more than a fraction of all that’s on offer. Some museums are brand new and flashy, others are hidden or nostalgic little gems unknown to even most locals. Trot Op! visited every single museum in Antwerp and reviewed them in this handy list. With weather as awful as we had this summer, a man has to find himself a little project before…

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What to do in Eindhoven: 8 unique tips for a weekend in the City of Light

Eindhoven is probably not the place many people would put at the top of their city trip bucket list, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. The hometown of electronics pioneer Philips is a breeding ground for innovation and design, and has a lot of surprising and unique experiences on offer. Trot Op! booked a room for the weekend and checked out the scene.   As a kid, Eindhoven only meant one thing to me: Luc f*cking Nilis, baby! After…

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A weekend in Utrecht: discover the city’s 9 top spots

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, and this comes with a whole bunch of things to visit – even outside the beautiful city centre. Trot Op! was invited to discover Utrecht’s creative hotspots by bike and train, and had a lot of fun in the process.   Utrecht is – assuming I can still count – the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, and is sometimes talked about as a cosy and less crowded alternative to…

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What to do in Namur: 10 top tips and sights to enjoy

Namur is a cosy provincial town in Wallonia, with a humongous citadel towering above it on a hill.  There’s much more to discover though. From shocking museums to fantastic cocktail bars and one of the most impressive churches in the country. Trot Op! listed Namur’s top sights for you. Hello friends! Quick pop quiz: you might know the capital of Belgium as well as Flanders is Brussels, but who can tell me what the capital of Wallonia is? Is it…

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Gorée Island: the perfect day trip from Dakar

Gorée Island is a tiny isle a couple of miles off the coast of Dakar, and is the city’s most popular day trip destination. Gorée makes for a colourful and cosy sight, but carries a heavy history. Trot Op! booked a room for three nights after finishing an assignment in Senegal and found out what it was all about. ‘Whether I’d like to fly to Dakar to take a couple of pictures?’ Well friends: don’t mind if I do! Dakar…

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Visit Malta: 10 extraordinary places you should not miss

Book a trip to Malta and you can expect much more than a standard beach holiday. The country offers an almost incredible mix of culture, natural beauty and Mediterranean charm – and this on an island the size of a handkerchief. Trot Op! went for a visit and came back with ten extraordinary highlights of Malta. Up for a thrilling foreign adventure without getting off your ass for more than 500 yards at a time? Ready your suitcase and fly…

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