Cycling along the Elbe: from Meissen to Torgau on the Elberadweg

Cycling along the Elbe from Dresden to Dessau makes for some awesome stops. For miles you can follow the famous Elberadweg flanking the river through the countryside of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Trot Op! put on its tightest pair of cycling shorts and took off to set a good example. Why hello dear friends. I just took a look at my agenda, and guess what? Apparently it’s high time I started writing something on the second part of my Great German…

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City trip Europe Featured

What to do in Dresden: a hip city trip in East Germany

Dresden – the Florence on the Elbe – was almost completely destroyed during WWII. Luckily it’s made an incredible comeback in recent years. The reconstruction of its baroque city centre is finally completed and several world-class museums are awaiting your coming. And if you’re done soaking up high culture, the pub quarter is begging for a visit as well. Trot Op! went and took a look for you. Quick bit of knowledge for the fact lovers among you: Dresden’s mesmerising…

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Belgium Europe Featured Limburg Wildlife

What to do in Limburg: the most beautiful nature reserves

If you’re going to Limburg to enjoy nature, there’s a wide variety of destinations to choose from. The whole province is full of wonderful hiking spots and parks. Trot Op! went for a weekend trip and tested some of them out for you. Call me a ludicrous liar, but as far as I’m concerned, Limburg is Flanders’ greenest province by a wide margin. Here, you can still explore actual wild nature in peace, without having to cross some ugly road…

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Belgium City trip Europe Featured

Scheldeland: 8 adventures in the Rupel region

Looking for an active holiday without having to spend hours in your car to get there first? The Rupel Region will most definitely surprise you. Here you’ll hike or cycle through beautiful natural areas, authentic little towns and a whole lot of industrial heritage. Trot Op! went and took a discovery tour. Well dear friends, I don’t know about you, but until recently the Rupel region was something I drove through as fast as I possibly could on my way…

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Belgium City trip Europe Featured Urbex

What to do in Diest: discover one of Belgium’s hidden treasures

Diest is a cosy but underestimated city on the border between Flemish Brabant and Limburg. It’s filled to the brim with protected heritage and the surrounding nature can be explored with a variety of activities. Trot Op! booked a city trip to go and take a look for you. Diest for me was a bit like my old high school diary. I know it must be lying around someplace, but don’t ask me where. Because let’s be honest here: who…

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Antwerp Belgium City trip Europe Featured Gastronomy

The best vegan restaurants in Antwerp: part 2

Trot Op! kept it nice and clean last week, and went looking for more of the best vegan restaurants in Antwerp. Six new and exciting venues were found, all of which you can now go and check out for yourselves. Enjoy! Newsflash: for a lot of people, last year wasn’t exactly fun. More than twelve months of sitting at home can start weighing down on folks – and even more so on the scales.* Weeks and weeks of your lazy…

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Antwerp Belgium Europe Featured Gastronomy

The 7 best cocktail bars in Antwerp

Looking for something nice and tasty now that the bars are finally open again? Well today is your day my friend! Trot Op! took off on a mission to find the best cocktail bars in Antwerp, and returned with seven entries and a slight hangover. Enjoy! Holy guacamole Batman: the moment is finally here! After crying themselves into a fitful sleep for seven months, our Antwerp bar heroes are finally putting in shifts again. Time for a pub crawl of…

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Africa Featured Wildlife

Sao Tome & Principe: a tiny African paradise

Want to discover a country most people never even heard of? Book one of the few flights to Sao Tomé & Principe. This African island state is a pocket-sized dream destination, and combines pristine beaches with dense jungles and an almost Caribbean vibe. Start packing those bags. When they asked me if I wanted to make a travel report on Sao Tomé & Principe four years ago, I of course said yes without giving it a second thought, just to…

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Belgium City trip Europe Featured Wallonia

What to do in Waterloo: tracing Napoleon’s footsteps

The Battle of Waterloo decided the fates of both Napoleon Bonaparte and Europe as a whole 200 years ago. Today, the small Walloon city still boasts lot of remnants of that famous battle. Trot Op! took a discovery tour and captured the most important stories. Walloon Brabant was once described to me as ‘barely in the top ten of most interesting Belgian provinces’. That wasn’t very nice – there are but ten – but it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be…

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